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Stainless Steel Filter System


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Hand-made and built to order, Brewhaus’ complete stainless steel filter system is a premium system designed to be used for stone coal activated carbon filtration. Our stainless steel filter system can be disassembled for easy cleaning and storage.

This type of filtration is recommended when the desired product is a high-proof, pure, neutral spirit such as vodka. We do not suggest activated carbon filtering when you want to capture character and flavor that developed during fermentation, such as whisky, rum, or fruit schnapps.


Tall, 37″ filter column ensures sufficient contact time to filter effectively
Large capacity reservoir eliminates the need to constantly ‘top-up’
2″ in diameter
More than 3′ total height


7.5qt stainless steel reservoir
2″ diameter x 37″ tall filter column to accept standard 1.7L packages of activated carbon
2- Tri-Clamps
2- Tri-Clamp Gaskets
End Cap with 1/2″ fitting
1/2″ Chemical tolerant tubing
2- Filter Papers


You need one 1.7L bag of activated carbon to fill the system.
This system is compatible with Small Filter Papers.

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